Zuheimi Severino

Zuheimi Severino

About me

My name is Zuheimi Severino and I’m 32 years old. Born and raised in the Caribbean on the island of St. Maarten and now living 15 years in the Netherlands. My native languages  are Spanish and English and I’m fluent in Dutch. I’m a Caribbean latina mix. 
In October 2022 I graduated my acting studies at the De Trap Theaterschool in Amsterdam and my studies lasted 2 years. Before my studies I did a 6 months pre-acting education at the Media College and many acting courses at the Mulholland Academy. 


Acting age
26-35 years
Year of birth
1990 (33 years)
Place of birth
Philipsburg, Sint Maarten
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
dark brown
Hair color
Hair length
Place of residence
Rotterdam (NL), Rome (IT)
English(native-language)Spanish(native-language)Dutch, Flemish
African-EnglishAmerican-African AmericanAmerican-CaliforniaAmerican-Standard(native dialect)English-Standard(native dialect)London
AfricanAmericanSpanishWest Indies
Aerial yogaSwimArchery
BachataMerengueReggaeton dance / PerreoSalsaDancehallHip hop
Special skills
(cartoon) voice actingCatwalkModel


Professional background

Theaterschool De Trap, Amsterdam- Acting in front of the camera - August 2020 - October 2022. My studies at Theaterschool De Trap lasted 2 years. At De Trap Theaterschool I learned many acting techniques such as improvisation, how to improve my acting by acting in front of the camera, acting on a green screen, different acting techniques, voice training, body movements, analyzing text, basic knowledge of the recording process and Chubbuck acting technique.

Other professional training

The Voice Consult
Toneel Vak school
Mulholland Academy
Mulholland Academy
MediaCollege - pre acting education
Mulholland Academy


Keep Filming (Short film)


Veter (Short film)
Veter (LR) Medina Sharapova Written by: Medina Sharapova
Straatcoaches vs Aliens (Feature film)
The neighbor (GR) Michael Middelkoop Producer: Lemming Film Distribution: Independent Films Casting Director: BlueCasting Written by: Michael Middelkoop, Paul de Vrijer, Nico van den Brink, Daan Bakker en co-scenarist Ashar Medina
The Independent Breach (Short film)
Black villain (SR) Edo Landwehr Producer: Jane van luinen Distribution: Bergfilms Written by: Edo Landwehr
De Boom (Drama)
Chantal (SR) Victor Blokland Written by: Victor Blokland
NaSleep (Short film)
Monica (LR) Rick de Jong Producer: ShiftingFrames Written by: Rick de Jong
Greenhouse Insanity (Short film)
Dr. Liz (LR) Robin Voskens Producer: Carlos Pereira Santos Distribution: University of Breda Casting Director: Boyana Tosheva Written by: Robin Voskens
The Weight of her Voice (Short film)
Mike’s mom (SR) Maria Shtarbeva Producer: University of Breda Written by: Maria Shtarbeva
The Severing (Short film)
Eliza (LR) Nick de Vries Producer: Renno van Zanten Distribution: Dutch Films Academy Written by: Nick de Vries
Sleutels (Short film)
Maria (SR) Jerry Loos Producer: Terence Loos Distribution: Helemaalloos Written by: Jerry Loos
Culpa (Feature film)
Sara de León (LR) Sytske van der Ster & Erik van 't Wout Distribution: Theaterschool De Trap Written by: Sytske van der Ster
Keeping up (Short film)
Duncan mom (SR) Patrick Collins Distribution: Patrick Collins Production Written by: Patrick Collins
Man up! (Short film)
Woman in the locker room (GR) André Pijnappel Producer: Viktoria Zhelyazkova Distribution: Rotterdam Stories Casting Director: Arman Agca Written by: André Pijnappel
Keep Filming (Short film)
Zara Burnett (LR) Gillian Graven Producer: Yuki Gomez Casting Director: Yuki Gomez Written by: Gillian Graven


Rowtown Magic (Drama)
Veiled woman (OR) Fadua El Akchaoui Station: NPO3 Distribution: Pupkin movie & Maya Creatives Casting Director: Million Faces Written by: Fadua El Akchaoui


Kotex: Progress isn't comfortable (Commercial)
Other roles Juci Judelson Casting Director: DutchCasting